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it’s a strange courage

— Anonymous: So I need to read a good Stucky fic. My first time ever reading one. Can you help me find it?


okay, i’m gonna rec you my favorites

holy shit

i have no life

(mini reclist) stevebucky neighbours au


in which they are (more or less) neighbours . for steveibucks. these are my favourites ever. there are more in this tag on ao3, but i haven’t really checked them all. [my stevebucky reclist]

(are you aware) the state i’m in by christstan [27,935 words]

Bucky’s newspaper keeps going…


Percico for the win!


Every time we came to a skeleton guard, Nico just pointed at it, and its glowing eyes dimmed. Unfortunately, the more Nico did it, the more tired he seemed. We walked through a maze of corridors filled with guards. By the time we reached a kitchen staffed by skeletal cooks and servants, I was practically carrying Nico. He managed to put all the dead to sleep but nearly passed out himself. I dragged him out of the servants’ entrance and into the Fields of Asphodel. -The Last Olympian


percy jackson on We Heart It.

DreamWorks: To Re-Make the Percy Jackson Movies


please ppl

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Percy: no. It’s not The Little Mermaid.


He stared at me. “Do you really believe that, Percy?”
-Battle of the Labyrinth


<3 - Nico and Percy