Percico/Valdangelo/Jasico, Stucky and Destiel:)


It’s like you guys have missed the most Destiel of the cut scenes. Buddy Boyle’s “When the angels come knockin’, let ‘em on in!” was always about Dean and Cas, it’s like the mission statement for the season.

But what he said…

Feel it, folks! Feel the angelic love! And do not tremble. If…


aw remember that fic where sam and dean were talking to cas on speaker phone and cas didn’t know because dean wasn’t talking and then dean made a joke and cas smiled sweetly and said “how are you dean” oH WAIT

the-angel-who-isnt-cas: Cockles or Destiel?


"You can’t be in love with an ambiguously gay, trenchcoat-wearing angel on a fictional televison show" - Someone who has never met me.

— Anonymous: Anyway I'm not sure if you can help me with this or not but no harm in asking right? Recently I read a deancas fic but I can't for the life of me remember the name. They are both in college. It's snowing and dean is locked out of his dorm Cas lets him in. Cas 'hates' Dean and find him hella frustrating. Anyways Dean has a shower and comes out of the bathroom then smut ensues ect ect. Dean pushed Cas off the bed at one point. It's so good..but I just cannot remember the name ughhh!!!!!!!


The fic you are looking for is But The Fire is So Delightful by kototyph!

Person: Why are you smiling at your phone? Omg are you texting YOUR BOYFRIEND??!
Me: *Laughs nervously* *keeps reading gay fanfic*



How many times have we seen Cas alone?

How many times have we seen Cas left to contemplate his choices, his doubt? Uriel leaving, Anna leaving, no guidance from God when he needed it the most. How many times has Cas sat in nature, in a park, in an eternal…

Why I support Destiel


- because Cas saved Dean

- because Dean convinced Cas to rebel

- because they would die for each other

- because they understand each other like no one else can

- because Cas needs someone to believe in

- because Dean gave Cas a purpose

- because they are as messed up as each other



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wonderful gifs created by this user, my destiel feels just made me want to add captions ^_^